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Winstone’s Cleanfill Tip on SH58

Winstone Aggregates withdrew their appeal to the Environment Court to overturn the decision made by the council-appointed Hearing Panel to decline their application to develop a clean fill facility on rural land adjacent to State Highway 58 at the top of Hayward’s Hill.  Winstones  had noted that the basis for declining the application was limited to two issues – the proposed sediment control measures and the traffic safety effects on SH58.  These were the two issues of greatest concern to PRA and formed the basis of PRA’s written and oral submissions.  However Winstones considered that the consent should be granted, arguing that the traffic access could be “designed and operated in a way that will ensure the safe operation of the intersection” with SH58.  In April 2014 Winstones asked for an extension of time to explore further access options but on 9 May 2014 they announced their intention to withdraw their appeal so the decision of the Hearing Panel to decline the application for clean fill facility stands. The full decision on the consent is available here.

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