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Porirua City Council’s District Plan proposals will change the face of Pāuatahanui......


The Proposed District Plan closed for submissions at the end of 2020.  Hearings for the Proposed District Plan commenced in September 2021.  Different stream hearings were held in 2022  and  are continuing in 2023.

All the information relevant to the hearings is available through the Hearings Portal  including submissions, Section 42A Council Officer reports and hearing minutes

The current District Plan has been in place since the late 1990s but there have been many changes in Pāuatahanui since then.  The draft of the new proposed District Plan has just been released and potentially will bring further changes. 

To see what is proposed you can view the ePlan online at the Porirua City Council website.

To help you navigate the ePlan there is a helpful video and PRA has also put together a Quick Guide to navigating the Proposed District Plan

Specific to Pāuatahanui is the creation of 3 new rural zones - the General Rural Zone, Rural Lifestyle Zone and Settlement Zone (encompassing the Village).

The objectives, policies and rules for each of these zones can be found under PART 3 AREA SPECIFIC MATTERS / RURAL ZONE

The allotment size criteria for each of these zones can be viewed under PART 2 DISTRICT WIDE MATTERS / SUBDIVISION and then scrolling down to SUB-S1.

The accompanying map provides information on specific zones, down to an individual property level, as well as the ability to turn layers on and off that identify features such as historic sites, significant natural areas and natural hazard zones.

The plan and feedback are designed to be online although sections of the plan can be printed as a pdf.

The Pāuatahanui Residents Association put in a submission but primarily encouraged residents to make submissions pertinent to their specific properties or areas of concern.


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