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Pauatahanui Village Plan

PRA has been consulting on the new Village Plan which will form the community's vision for Pauatahanui Village and surrounding rural areas for the next few years. Since the Village Planning meeting of 8 November 2016, the PRA committee has been busy collating all the ideas received when we asked the community to "Tell us what we can do to make Pauatahanui and surrounds an even greater place to live and visit." We then asked for these to be rated using our survey to enable us to prioritise them into our updated Village Plan, helping to inform the projects, initiatives and advocacy that PRA will undertake over the coming years.  The Committee is currently analysing the results of the survey in order to report back on these to the community.

Pauatahanui is one of eleven "villages" involved in Porirua City Council's Village Planning Programme.  The programme has been set up by the Council as a partnership between the Council and the community.  The first Village Plan for Pauatahanui  was developed following a process of community consultation, led by the PRA. It lays out the community's goals and aspirations, aimed at improving and developing the local neighbourhood.  The plan provides a framework for planning and decision-making on matters concerning the development and maintenance of the village and is regularly reviewed by the PRA, with progress updates available on the Porirua City Council's website


Local Roading Maintenance

Concern over the maintenance of our local roads is an issue frequently raised with the PRA.  We continue to bring the concerns to PCC on a regular basis. The recent earthquake and flooding (14-15 November 2016) again highlighted the concerns - raising new issues and reinforcing the need to address the existing issues.  If you have a specific road concern, the first action is to call PCC at (04) 237-5089 or email .  You can also do an online Request for Service .  If you would also like to bring this to the attention of PRA then please email us

Further movement of the slip at 815 Moonshine Road led the Council to issue an urgent update placing further restrictions on traffic using this section of Moonshine Road.  The most recent update on Moonshine Road maintenance was received from PCC on 21 April 2017.  A previous message had an  accompanying diagram of the proposed retaining wall.


District Plan Review

Porirua City Council is commencing a review of the District Plan.  This is of direct relevance to the Pauatahanui community.

For more information click here or visit the Porirua City Council website

Transmission Gully

The first stages of work associated with Transmission Gully are now becoming more evident with the earthworks occurring on Lanes Flat near the Pauatahanui Village.  On 26 February 2016 PRA received an email updating progress, including  drawings of the Concept Area SH 58 and TG-SH58 Concept Area - Image with legend.  An update was also provided at the PRA AGM on 3 May 2016.

More information on the project can be found on the Transmission Gully website including  further images associated with the proposed route or you can take a virtual journey along the route.

State Highway 58 Upgrade

The first stage of work of the planned improvements to SH58 - the realigning of the section of highway between Mt Cecil and Harris Roads - has now been completed.  

NZTA's proposed changes to State Highway 58 between Pauatahanui and SH2 are planned for 3 stages which are:-

  • realigning the section of highway between Mt Cecil and Harris Roads - this has now been completed with the closing of the passing lane and installation of a wire rope barrier.

  • reducing the speed limit to 80kph.  Alongside this, PCC is proposing to reduce the speed limit on the side roads to 70kph. It is intended that this occur once the realignment has been completed.

  • installing a wire rope separation barrier which will also include widening the road between SH2 and Pauatahanui and the installation of a roundabout at the Moonshine Road intersection.  This part of the proposal is intended to take place over the next 3 years.

Further information is available on the NZTA website or in the SH58 brochure.

GroundUp Cafe Retrospective Resource Consent

The retrospective resource consent for the GroundUp Café has been granted with a number of conditions to be met. 

The hearing for the resource consent application from Darryl Ellis of GroundUp Café in the Village was held in November 2014.  It was adjourned while legal opinions were sought over the ability of the Café to legally meet any parking requirements that could be imposed as part of the consent with the Commissioner's decision released in January 2015.   A copy of the Commissioner's decision can be viewed here.

The granting of the consent application will enable Mr Ellis to retrospectively legalise a 50 m² extension constructed at the rear of the café together with a new dining area and additional structures, and to increase the maximum number of seated patrons from 35 to a new total of 65.

PRA was approached by individuals in the community concerned about the effects of the proposal.  As a result PRA sought further feedback from the Pauatahanui community on the merits or otherwise of this proposal, before submitting a response to the consent application. 

A copy of PRA's submission and addendums can be viewed here on our website




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